Obermeyer News | High Speed Railway Station Area Urban Design

Obermeyer News | High Speed Railway Station Area Urban Design

Chongqingdong  HSR Station

In international consulting competition of the concept planning and core area detailed design of Chongqingdong Railway Station Area, the design plan of the consortium of Obermeyer + China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd. + China Urban Planning and Design Institute won the first prize in the international design competition and will be in charge of the urban design deepening work. With our elite design team and the excellent partners, combines our international design experiences with local characteristics of Chongqing, the Design of Obermeyer Consortium highlights the concept of “station-production- city-scenery”, the station-oriented traffic organization, the application of the TOD development model and the exploration of the new mountain city model. The Chongqingdong Railway Station area will be the future "Chongqing shutter, leisurely slow city".

New Hanyang HSR Station

In the September, Obermeyer was awarded the top three in the first phase of the Overall Urban Design of Wuhan Urban and Rural Coordination Demonstration Zone (the Overall Urban Design of the New Hanyang High Speed Railway Station District), and was shortlisted for the second phase of the competition bidding. With the planning, construction, transportation, ecology and other comprehensive team strengths, Obermeyer will compete for the first prize, and let’s look forward to the wonderful design program.

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